MOORE Dancing began as a vision. Realizing that most studios cater to professional dancers, Tiffany made it her mission to create a space where people from all walks of life could come together and dance regardless of experience! The first studio of its kind to emerge in Los Angeles, MOORE is your “go-to” source for inspiration, motivation, and transformation for artists, athletes and everyone in between! Opening to a hugely welcoming westside community in  2011 MOORE has resolved to bring well-being and the highest level of service and instruction to our clients one song at a time. Follow our journey at The Pulse and join the Moore Dancing family here.

As LA’s first cardio-dance studio, we have created an environment where fun and fitness unite. Where working out doesn’t feel like work, and where feeling good is just as important as looking good! We believe in the transformative power of dance and aim to make every experience with us uplifting and unforgettable. Our dynamic classes and motivating instructors offer an effective, exciting exercise that rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul. Whether you want to turn it up, sweat it out, or just let go, dancing MOORE is guaranteed to help you achieve your goals. Dance your way to health and happiness today!

About the Owner

Tiffany Moore has spent over a decade honing her craft as a professional dancer and Los Angeles based dance instructor. Training as a Rhythmic Gymnast throughout her childhood and teenage years, midway through high school, Tiffany decided to pursue dance full time; becoming a competitive force in jazz, ballet and hip hop. When she was 16, Tiffany had the dream of opening her own studio, so she moved to LA after high school to attend UCLA and pursue her professional dance career.

She began dancing, teaching, choreographing, and auditioning for music videos, live stage performances, and theatrical shows. Having a strong affinity for the art of belly dancing, Tiffany spent a summer in Cairo Egypt training under the best belly dancers in the world, eventually joining a belly dance company and touring the US.

Having worked with many top dancers, choreographers, and instructors in the entertainment industry, Tiffany was inspired to open MOORE Dancing to bring health, happiness and passion to her community. Working side by side with her husband/partner, Matthew Simmons, Tiffany lives every day with excitement, exhilaration and enthusiasm. She looks forward to dancing for the next 50 years! See Tiffany’s class here.