John is a performing athlete from El Paso, Texas who has trained professionally in New York City and Los Angeles in Performing Arts.  After being introduced to fitness in 2009, John Paul took it upon himself to combine his latin background and musical background and incorporate fitness with them. Shortly after moving to LA to get his Bachelors, John Paul got certified to teach LATIN HEAT, which combines many different Latin aerobic combinations to non-stop music for the hour. He enjoyed this addition to his fitness career so much and got great reviews, so when the gym he worked for selected 10 of their top instructors to get certified for ZUMBA, he was one of the chosen people. Since then, the opportunities have just continued growing, from working at many premier gyms all over LA to hosting private ZUMBA MASTERCLASSES, where he takes a more in-depth approach by focusing on specific muscle groups, burning a ton of calories, and having a great time while completing the work out. If you are looking for someone to motivate you, make you laugh, and find enjoyment in working out, John Paul is the instructor for you!