New To Moore – PlyoJam Sculpt

We are excited to offer PlyoJam Sculpt! This class addresses the significant importance of strength training.

PlyoJam Sculpt takes the PlyoJam cardio dance routines you know and love, and combines them with carefully curated strengthening exercises.  Set to all of the hottest hits, your favorite music will keep you motivated throughout both the cardio and sculpt portions. Designed for all bodies and all levels of fitness, get ready to tone and contour your body into your strongest, best self. Just show up with water and a towel. We’ll do the rest.

Want to go for the gusto in 2018? Combine a PlyoJam Sculpt class with a back to back PlyoJam Cardio Dance Class class on Tuesdays (9am & 10am), Wednesdays (10am & 11am) and Thursdays (10am & 11am) for the ultimate workout!

PlyoJam Sculpt Schedule
Mondays, 9am with Lashinda Demus
Tuesdays 7am, with Janelle Dote
Tuesdays, 9am with Jason Layden
Wednesday, 11am with Janelle Dote
Thursdays, 7am with Janelle Dote
Thursdays, 10am with Jason Layden
Saturdays, 9am with Jason Layden

Sundays, 9am with Janelle Dote