Instructor Spotlight: Matthew Mannix

List five words that best describe you?
Determined, passionate, musical, creative, and ever-evolving

What inspired you to teach dance and fitness?
I was inspired to teach in college.  The teachers at my performing arts high school would invite me back to share the techniques I was learning, and even choreograph for the end of year recitals.  They played a pivotal role in my development as a teacher.  When I moved to LA, I took Melissa Zugell’s class at Moore and the rest is history.  Melissa and Moore are pretty much the reasons I fell in love with Dance fitness!

What would you like your students to know about you?
I really want to create a space, or community, for everyone who attends my class, whether PlyoJam or Jazz, to connect to their strength, and discover the power expression through Dance! My class is a safe space for you to be you!

What are your favorite hobbies and interests?
I love to read, play piano, watch interesting documentaries, see live theater, go to the museum, create, and eat great food.

At what age did you begin dancing? And when did you know you wanted to teach others?
I started dancing at age 16.  Especially since I started relatively later, I appreciated teaching because I could help others learn the things I had to pick up at super speed in order to develop at the rate of my contemporaries.  I realized the importance of passing on the knowledge and craft of dancing when I taught at a pre-professional summer intensive in New York.  Spending 6 hours a day, with the same students for 2 weeks, and watching them process, develop technically and artistically, and succeed in such a short amount of time made me beam with pride!