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Follow Along

High Cardio Follow Along

Dance and Sculpt



Level 1 classes cater to all levels of fitness. No previous dance experience is necessary! Each class can be modified to increase or decrease difficulty as needed.


Cardio Hip Hop 


This funky and sassy high-energy, heart pumping cardio dance workout inspired by your favorite pop star is guaranteed to bring out your inner dancer. Be ready to bust a move and drop it like it’s hot to your favorite top 40 hits. This class focuses on cardio by way of follow along dance, designed to burn fat and tighten it up.


Cardio Pop & Pump  


Cardio Pop & Pump is a hot new follow along dance fitness class that is as much of a party as it is a workout. This class will combine fun, easy to follow cardio dance moves with weights and toning for a total body burn. While jamming to the hottest pop and hip hop music, this class will give you a fun, high intensity workout. With the added weights and toning, this class will take your workout to a whole other level. Get ready to feel the burn!




One of our most intense cardio options! Get your sexy on and burn some serious calories with this innovative new workout that combines cardio dance with plyometric moves. Besides helping you to lose weight and tone your body, this workout is guaranteed to challenge your speed, agility, and balance, while having a great time.


PlyoJam Sculpt 


PlyoJam Sculpt takes the PlyoJam cardio dance routines you know and love and combines them with carefully curated strengthening exercises. Set to all of the hottest hits, your favorite music will keep you motivated through both the cardio and sculpt portions. Designed for all bodies and all levels of fitness, get ready to tone and contour your body into your strongest, best self. Want to push yourself even further? Combine a PlyoJam Sculpt class with a back-to-back PlyoJam class for the ultimate workout.


Cardio Pop


Cardio Pop is a hot new dance fitness class that is as much of a party as it is a workout. This class will combine easy to follow cardio dance moves with Plyometrics for a total body burn. While jamming to the hottest pop and hip hop music, this class will give you a fun, high intensity workout. Get ready to feel the burn!


WERQ® Fitness


WERQ® is the wildly addictive cardio dance workout based on the hottest pop and hip hop music.  It is rooted in movement and physical prowess as a vehicle to personal purpose and passion. Good for all levels, this follow along class will have you moving, sweating and most importantly smiling. With fresh choreography constantly coming out, this class always offers a healthy mix of something familiar and something challenging.




“Ditch the workout, join the party!” Zumba Fitness is the only Latin-inspired dance fitness program that blends red-hot international music and steps to form a “fitness party” that is downright addictive. You’ll be working up a sweat and boosting energy levels before you know it! Zumba dance is easy to do, effective, and exhilarating, often building a deep-rooted community among returning students and moving millions to joy and health. Whether you’re new to cardio dance or a Zumba fanatic, we encourage you to try dancing with all of our amazing and talented Zumba certified instructors. Each has their own teaching style and often puts their own spin on the class, influenced by personal experience and dance backgrounds.




U-Jam Fitness® is an athletic dance fitness format.  The “fitness” is built into the workout with easy-to-follow choreography for the ultimate cardio workout.  U-Jam Fitness® unites world beats with urban flavor so every class you take feels like a party while booty popping your way to a slimmer and sexier you! It’s Universal, it’s Unique and eUphoric!


Sweat Pop


Sweat Pop is a follow along dance workout that brings a zing of sass and funk straight to your body and soul. This cardio dance class is designed to burn fat, tighten and tone while filling the room with good vibes. Enjoy an hour of soul-quenching music including Hip-Hop, Afro beat, R&B, Pop, and beyond. Sweat Pop gives you a full body workout with modifications for all levels — if you’re ready to SWEAT, POP in and dance.


Zumba Toning


Make the most of your workout regime by adding light-weight sculpting to your aerobics routine. Zumba Toning alternates between upbeat cardio dance and strength training (weights provided) to add intensity to the traditional Zumba party.



These classes work the body and the mind by adding simple choreographed routines to your hour of dance fitness; the perfect option for students who wish to learn and advance their dance skill. 




DanceChoreo is a dance class with emphasis on cardio, DanceChoreo gives you the space to push your bodies to move bigger, sharper, and commit from head to toe, while getting a killer workout and refining your technique. In this unique choreography class, you’ll learn all different styles of dance, including hip hop, jazz, Broadway, lyrical, and more — all while getting an incredible workout.



All level 3 classes begin with 15 minutes of stretching and strengthening before leading into an advanced choreographed routine.


Pop/Hip-Hop Choreography  


Using upbeat music and moves, Pop/Hip-Hop Choreography is a fast-paced dance class that rotates through songs with each new 8 count. Every class starts from the beginning and adds on sequences throughout the hour, so don’t worry if you miss a session! Pop/Hip Hop Choreography will take your workout and confidence to the next level by increasing your physical and mental stamina.


Intermediate Hip Hop  


This non-stop choreography class emphasizes the latest Hip Hop and Jazz Funk moves to ensure an unforgettable workout. Current pop and street-style influence this dance class, leaving you breathless and impressed with skill you never knew you had. Liberate and lose yourself in the beauty and challenge of Int. Hip Hop. Between the chest poppin’ and booty shakin’, we guarantee that you’ll leave feeling sore in the most satisfactory way.