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Question: Who can take your classes? Do you need previous dance experience?

Answer: Our studio offers a wide variety of classes that cater to all dance levels- no prior experience necessary! Our “Level 1” classes are taught in a follow along manner, “Level 2” classes incorporate light choreography, and “Level 3” classes teach advanced choreographed routines. If you are interested in working you way up to Level 3, we are happy to recommend a personalized class schedule to help you achieve your dance goals.

Question: Can Cardio Dance really work as a gym replacement?

Answer: Cardio Dance is indeed an effective and fun substitute for the gym! Our classes provide a full body-workout, all include warm ups, aerobics, and strength training moves. Perfect for maintaining weight or shredding pounds! For strength intensive classes, please see our “Toning” options under Class Descriptions.

Question: What do all of the class titles mean? Can I find a description of these classes?

Answer: The ‘CLASSES’ link has a list of the styles we offer and includes a brief description for your review. If you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to call and ask our front desk staff.

Question: What classes can I take with the monthly unlimited package? What does that contract entail?

 Answer: The monthly unlimited is just that… your options are truly unlimited! You can take any type of class and as many classes per month as your heart and body desire. The monthly unlimited agreement renews automatically but is NOT a binding contract and can be canceled upon request.

Question: Can I “drop in” on a class or do you need to reserve your spot?

Answer: All of our classes are drop-in, with the exception of special events (master classes, work shops, etc.). Drop-in rates are however priced higher than discounted class packs. To purchase class packages, please click here.

Question: How early should I arrive before class?

Answer: We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before your class is scheduled to start to ensure you find parking in time. If you are new to the studio, you will also need time to sign the registration form and liability waiver prior to class (an extra 2 to 3 minutes).

Question: How long are classes?

Answer: All classes are 60 minutes and include a five minute warm up and cool down session.

Question: Where is the best place to park?

Answer: Gretna Green (behind Brentwood Science Magnet School) and on Montana Ave along side the Brentwood Country Club.

Question: What should I wear? Is there a dress code?

Answer: For clothing, wear anything comfortable and appropriate. We suggest an outfit that allows you to move freely, and/or layers so that you can adjust your body temperature as you work up a sweat. Shoes: All classes can be taken in sneakers. No hard soles are allowed on the studio floor.

Question: When do class packages expire?

Answer: 5 and 10 Class Packages expire 6 months from date of purchase.  20 Packs never expire.

Question: You offer a lot of Zumba! Is every Zumba class the same?

Answer: While Zumba has a standard format, classes can be heavily influenced by the instructor’s own unique style and background. There’s no better way to know which you may like best than by giving them all a try! For further insight, you can refer to the Instructor Bios or call the front desk any time to inquire.

Question: Is your studio available for rentals?

Answer: The studio is available for rehearsals, private lessons, group classes, photo shoots, auditions, seminars, parties, and special events when regular classes are not being held. Email Tiffany at info@mooredancing.com for times and availability.

Question: Do you offer classes for parties or private events?

Answer: Yes, we offer classes for private events or parties (Adult Birthdays, Kids Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers etc.) Ask about availability and prices by emailing info@mooredancing.com.

Question: Do you have a restroom or a changing room?

Answer: We have separate restrooms for men and women in the studio. Each restroom has stalls and can be used as a changing room.

Question: Do the class packages pertain to any specific classes?

Answer: No, the 5, 10 and 20 class packs are meant to be used for any and all classes offered at the studio. The monthly unlimited also includes any and all classes.

Our Etiquette is for your benefit…

Please review to ensure everyone has a positive dance experience.

Signing In

Please sign in and pay before class begins to avoid announcements that interrupt your dance time. If you are taking more than one class, you must check in with the front desk and resign your name (monthly members included).

Class Courtesy  

Good vibes only! Have a positive attitude, share the mirror and treat your fellow dancers with kindness and respect.

* Classes are often scheduled back-to-back. If you are waiting for class to begin, do not step onto the dance floor until the last class is finished. When your class is over, please exit the floor promptly for the next group of dancers.

* Turn off or silence all cell phones and electronic devices. Keep talking to a minimum.

* If you are late to class, position yourself discreetly. If space is limited, friends may not hold your space. Be considerate. Do not stand directly in front of someone or go to the front of class.


Position yourself relative to your dance expertise. In an effort to keep the pace set by the instructor, beginning students should position themselves behind more advanced students. Be considerate of fellow dancers, do not stand directly behind the instructor.

* Instructors reserve the right to reposition students for safety and class quality

* Body awareness: stagger yourself to allow maximum space for each dancer. Please use perfumes sparingly and avoid bringing strong scents into the studio as many people have sensitivities.

* Please wear dance or fitness attire and comfortable footwear that is designated for dance only. Please do not wear shoes that have been hiking or have dirt/rocks on the soles.

* Please make sure that you have picked up all your belongings after class. No gum or food on the floor.

* Non-adherence to MOORE Dancing code of conduct may result in dismissal from the premises.