Instructor Spotlight: John Paul Batista

List five words that best describe you?
Strong, motivating, fun, hilarious, active

What inspired you to teach dance and fitness?
I love connecting with people individually to help them achieve their personal fitness goals and make them feel good about themselves. 

What would you like your students to know about you?
I have suffered from weight challenges myself and continue to strive to be more healthy and active. Fitness shouldn’t feel like a chore, but rather an excellent, fun activity you get to do with friends a couple times a week to feel great, release stress, and enjoy a long life! Come take one of my classes and introduce yourself to me. Become a member of my fitness family! 

What are your favorite hobbies and interests?
Hiking, singing, dancing, acting, and personal training

At what age did you begin dancing? 
I started very late dancing. I didn’t start actual training for dance till I was 18 years old and in collage. That’s when I started taking tap, ballet, and jazz. I did start teaching dance fitness at 17 years old because I wanted to do something that was fun and help me lose my baby fat. And since then I have continued for 15 years… to try and lose my baby fat! Haha.