Instructor Spotlight: Patty Tapia

List five words that best describe you?
Playful, creative, holistic, fun and natural

What inspired you to teach dance and fitness?
I learned from a young age how much of a role dance played in my culture. We grew up dancing at home, parties and eventually in dance schools and classes. I teach because I want everyone to get that same rush of endorphins that I do when I’m moving my body to music. I want them all to feel confident and love their bodies not because of the way they look but because of their ability to move and be free. 

What would you like your students to know about you?
That I am not a professionally trained dancer and that you do not have to be one either to consider yourself a “dancer”. If there is a beat and you can move your feet, then you, too, can dance. We dance because we love it, and that’s what connects us all. 

What are your favorite hobbies and interests?
I love to paint. I mainly work on self portraits of myself as a flower or tree as a way of self exploration. Nature and especially flowers are my favorite things to paint and learn about. I also love learning about ways to heal my body through foods, movement and meditation. Holistic health is fascinating to me. 

At what age did you begin dancing?
No lie, I’ve been dancing since I was in my mom’s belly. As soon as I could walk, my family would play music and cheer me on to dance for and with them. At age five, I started ballet and tap classes and continuously took all styles of dance classes throughout high school and college. Although I have always dreamed about a career in dance I actually did not think I would have one. When I moved to LA from NY a year ago I decided to push my career as a Yoga instructor. In the process, the opportunity to teach dance cardio came about and I jumped at it. This is something I have always wanted to do but instead I always chose the safe route and in the end dance chose me. I am so happy to be able to teach dance and share fun moments with so many great people.