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These classes work the body and the mind by adding simple choreographed routines to your hour of dance fitness; the perfect option for students who wish to learn and advance their dance skill. 

Full Out Choreography

Kiari’s Full Out Choreography is a dance class with an emphasis on cardio. This class is inspired by Jazz, Contemporary, Funk, Hip Hop, Modern, and Graham. Each class is structured to effectively minimize instruction and increase repetitions of choreography, resulting in the perfect balance of learning new choreo and cardio fitness.

Intro To Jazz

This class will work your mind, body, and spirit from practicing technique to learning choreography, all while introducing you to the beloved and diverse dance genre of Jazz.  All levels are welcome to develop their coordination and artistry with center work, conditioning, movement across the floor, and choreo combos in each dance class.  Get ready for those Broadway dreams to come true as you break a sweat and have a blast!


Dancinerate® is a choreography-based workout program that challenges people to get out of their heads and into their bodies.  You will step out of your comfort zone and leave it all on the dance floor by learning all styles of dance like hip hop, jazz, Broadway, lyrical, and more while getting an incredible workout. Dancinerate® takes students step by step through each movement, so you don’t have to be a dancer to feel the benefits of the class – but by the end, you might feel like one. Burn with the beat and join a Dancinerate® class!