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All level 3 classes begin with 15 minutes of stretching and strengthening before leading into an advanced choreographed routine. 

Pop/Hip Hop Choreography

Using upbeat music and moves, Pop/Hip-Hop Choreography is a fast-paced dance class that rotates through songs with each new 8 count. Every class starts from the beginning and adds on sequences throughout the hour, so don’t worry if you miss a session! Pop/Hip Hop Choreography will take your workout and confidence to the next level by increasing your physical and mental stamina.

Intermediate Hip Hop

This non-stop choreography class emphasizes the latest Hip Hop and Jazz Funk moves to ensure an unforgettable workout. Current pop and street-style influence this dance class, leaving you breathless and impressed with skill you never knew you had. Liberate and lose yourself in the beauty and challenge of Int. Hip Hop. Between the chest poppin’ and booty shakin’, we guarantee that you’ll leave feeling sore in the most satisfactory way.