Reasons to Love Cardio Dance

1. Dance is timeless. Who remembers frolicking and twirling as a child? Who knows grandparents who boogie down now as much as they did as teens? Dance does not discriminate against age. It brings together generations.

2. MOORE Dancing leads to MORE results! Like any form of exercise… the more you put in, the more you get out. Cardio dance burns a minimum of 400 calories per hour, with rigorous classes such as Zumba, Pop/Hip Hop Choreography, Dancinerate, and U-Jam averaging 600-800 calories. Our most intensive format, PlyoJam, is comparable to interval training and burns up to 1,000 calories per class! Stacey lost 75 pounds taking 40 PlyoJam classes in eight weeks. “Dance fitness has become an integral part of my journey. I think anyone on a weight-loss journey must find a method of fitness that fills their heart with joy,” says Stacey.

3. “Moving to music can make you happier, smarter, and a whole lot healthier!” -Women’s Health Magazine. The more time you spend on the dance floor, the more benefits you will receive… and one rewarding aspect of dance fitness is that you feel the rewards immediately! After an hour-long class, your heart is pounding, you are head-to-toe sweating, and you catch yourself smiling harder than you have all day. “It’s my favorite way to shake my booty and get my sweat on!” -Heather, Moore Dancer & owner of Pilates Platinum.

4. Dance fosters social connections and forms lifelong friendships. At any given class, you can spot our dancers embracing, high fiving, singing, and laughing together. Cliques don’t exist on our dance floor! Lawyers, actresses, and mothers become besties, creating the Facebook famous #MOOREfam

5. Dance class serves as a mini mental vacation and gives you a dose of some much deserved “me time”. Spending an hour on the dance floor is your soul’s respite from our fast-paced society. Dancing lets you let go, clear the mind, and forget about the daily grind! Imagine this: you are surrounded by people, yet everyone is dancing like nobody is watching! Moore Dancer, Carolina, calls it her “happy zone”.

6. Dance is one of the most diverse and customizable forms of physical activity. After a bit of experimentation, everyone ends up discovering a favorite style (or two). MOORE offers a variety of formats, from Latin-infused Zumba to Hollywood-inspired Hip Hop choreography. We dare you to try them all!

7. It’s not just what dance does for you, it’s what dance helps to prevent. Dancing inhibits the stress hormone Cortisol and floods the body with feel-good Endorphins, Serotonin and Dopamine. According to a study in The New England Journal of Medicine, dancing also protects against dementia and cardiovascular disease.

8. Dance generates JOY! Problems are wallflowers. They can’t dance, but you can! Once people discover the fun factor of dance fitness, its rare that they turn back to the (slightly less fun) gym. The secret is in the “flow state” that so many experience while dancing. When one is in “flow,” nothing exists outside of that given moment. Positive psychologists believe that reaching this state on a regular basis is a key component of happiness.